A wordgame – songs for Ian

I’ve been asked to play a few songs at a friend’s party. His name is Ian and he ‘collects’ this name. By which I mean he photographs shop or road signs that contain the consecutive letters I, A and N. We need song titles (preferably 80s cheese, naturally), that contain Ian’s name. So far we’ve got…

  • Walk Like An Egypt, Ian
  • Bohem Ian, Rhapsody
  • Bohem Ian, Like You
  • Dirty D, Ian A
  • Rh Ian, Non
  • Russ Ian’s
  • Norweg Ian Wood
  • P Ian, O Man
  • Good Christ, Ian, Men, Rejoice!
  • Onward, Christ/Ian/Soldiers…
  • Bermuda TR Ian Gle(e)
  • Politic, Ian

More please, via Facebook or Twitter – and Ian, if you’re reading this, feel free to suggest your own favourites. You’ve been doing this longer than I have…

The origianal sign.