Burnsong 2009 – The Big Gig at the Parliament

Images from the Scottish Parliament Burnsong Big Gig, 30th November 2009.

All images © Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body. Click on an image for a short interview with each artist.

Mutton Dressed As Lamb

Roberto Cassani

Mutton Dressed As Lamb (MP3 download)

Roberto Cassani

You say that you’re as old as you will feel
That you can wear whatever’s on the rail
You’re floppy as an accordion
But there’s a plastic surgeon
To lift you up where wonderbras will fail

But that’s a total load of tripe
You’re young, you’re old and then you die
There’s lots more dignity
In ageing gracefully, because…

Nobody likes a mutton dressed as lamb
Nor a 50-something year old man
Still wearing a tight speedo
To highlight the torpedo
For the benefit of all the female fans (aye, right…)

There is nothing
More off-putting
Than the look of Barbie’s granny
With the long nails
And the high heels
But a wrinkly old fanana-na-na-na-na….

Nobody likes a mutton dressed as lamb
Just try to look your age please, if you can
Stay young inside your head
But please do not forget:
Nobody likes a mutton dressed as lamb.

  • Bass and production: Chris Blanden
  • Additional guitar: Joe Bennett