Creative Spaces: Producing Rock and Pop in Non-Studio Environments #arp13

Seacliff asylum. Scary building, great impulse responses.

HOLLAND, MICHAEL (University of Otago, New Zealand)

Creative Spaces: Producing Rock and Pop in Non-Studio Environments

[abstract] This paper takes a wide-ranging view of the concept of ‘space’ in music production, in attempting to further our understanding of the nexus between the physical locations in which records are produced, and the their resulting sonic qualities. Specifically, this paper explores the choice of non-studio recording spaces as challenging to established creative production practices in cultural, sonic, and performative terms.

This paper combines self-ethnography, interviews with artists and producers, and contemporary theory with musical examples from records produced both partially in, and completely outside of, a large- scale academic/commercial recording studio. Some of the alternate recording locations discussed include; defunct mental asylums, churches, isolated community halls, and large empty theatres. It should be noted that none of these locations are home studios, or simply ‘low cost’ alternatives to professional studios; rather, they are non-studio environments deliberately chosen as a substitute for conventional large-scale studio locations.