The “virtual” producer in the recording studio #arp13

The Vicious Five recording at Namouche in 2009

CAMPELO, ISABEL (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
HOWLETT, MIKE (Queensland University of Technology)

The “virtual” producer in the recording studio: media networks in long distance peripheral performances

[abstract] The producer has for many years been a central agent in recording studio sessions; the validation of this role was, in many ways, related to the producer’s physical presence in the studio, to a greater or lesser extent. However, improvements in the speed of digital networks have allowed studio sessions to be produced long-distance, in real-time, through communication programs such as Skype or REDIS. How does this impact on the role of the producer, a “nexus between the creative inspiration of the artist, the technology of the recording studio, and the commercial aspirations of the record company” (Howlett 2012)?