IASPM 2014: The American Far West of the French Far East: Country Music Fans in Alsace

Elsa Grassy, University of Strasbourg

CoverABSTRACT: The Alsace region, located in the north east of France, is well known for its wines, its storks, and its Christmas Markets as well as its role in the European Union, with twelve of the Parliamentary sessions taking place in Strasbourg every year. What it is less known for is its love of American country music, unmatched by any other French region. This could be explained by specific migration patterns and by the region’s proximity to American military bases in Germany, among other factors.

IASPM 2014: Vocal Style and the Southern Man

Tim Wise, University of Salford

The Hillbilly/redneck stereotype, as portrayed in Easy Rider (1969)

ABSTRACT: Although America’s south has long been associated with political conservatism and intolerance (e.g. W. J. Cash’s The Mind of the South, 1941), it was only in the 1960s that country music began overtly to express such ideas, provoked by the counter culture’s stance on the war in Vietnam. The appearance at that time of songs defending the military action and extolling patriotism served to reinforce long-held beliefs that both country music and the southern states from which it emerged were reactionary and chauvinistic, strengthening ideas that the south was a world apart.