Live blogging Eurovision 2012

22:16 – Live blog now complete. If you’re reading this there’s no need to hit refresh now. If you’re not reading this, the current sentence may not be available to you.

[This is a live blog – hit ‘refresh’ in your browser throughout the evening. Each song will be scored as we hear it. Geeky musicological commentary will be added wherever possible. As always I’m going to try (and, as always, fail) to pick a winner. I never listen to the songs before the show, so these are all first impressions.]


22:06 – voting about to begin

OK I’m going to predict my top 3. I promise not to change these as the voting patterns become clear – you can check the post dates! So as last year, I’m going to commit, and then leave my inevitable wrongness online for the world to see forever!


  1. Sweden – Euphoria
  2. Germany – Standing Still
  3. Russia – Party for Everybody



  1. Sweden – Euphoria
  2. Russia – Party for Everybody
  3. Serbia – Nije ljubav Stvar

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21:59 – Moldova – Lautar – 51%

Finally, a song with a gratuitous forced key change at the end. Lots of fun, this, but I’m not sure the lyric phrase ‘this trumpet makes you mine girl’ will enter the European zeitgeist anytime soon. There are some great melodies on the fiddles. I enjoyed singing along to this, but it’s not sophisticated or contemporary enough, even for Eurovision. [Read more…]

Live blogging Eurovision 2011

Blog complete – if you’re reading this there’s no need to hit ‘refresh’ now.

21:58 All complete – my top 3
I’m going to stop updating this post now and watch the voting. I’ve not predicted the winner accurately for many years; my last success was Denmark’s Wings of Love in 2000 (I wasn’t blogging back then so you’ll have to take my word for it!) but at least my top few have never got ‘null points’.
So I’m going to commit to a top 3, and will leave this post up in its unedited form, so that my utter wrong-ness can be preserved for posterity.
  1. Iceland – Coming Home
  2. Estonia – Rockefeller Street
  3. Denmark – New Tomorrow
21:53 Georgia – One More Day

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