Joe Bennett 2014

Current: Resident Scholar, Berklee College of Music
Researcher and professor, teaching courses relating to music analysis, music creativity and the music industry.

Current: Director, Joe Bennett Music Services LLC (Forensic Musicologist)
Forensic musicologist consultant for various music industry clients, including music publishers, record companies, advertising agencies, legal professionals and individual songwriters.

Vice President for Operations, Global Strategy & Innovation, Berklee College of Music (2018-2020)
Senior academic administrator with responsibility for initiatives relating to programme development, global outreach, VR/AR/AI and new curricular projects.

Vice President for Academic Affairs, Boston Conservatory At Berklee (2015-2017)
Senior academic administrator with responsibility for academic matters at institutional level. Leadership of faculty teaching undergraduate and graduate programs in Music, Dance and Theater. Strategic planning relating to curriculum and faculty development.

Dean of Music & Performing Arts, Bath Spa University 2008-2015
Leadership of a school of c.800 students; taught on the Commercial Music degree programme and Masters in Songwriting, and organised the annual UK Songwriting Festival. Research/teaching specialisms include the psychology of songwriting (particularly collaborative songwriting), popular musicology, music journalism, forensic musicology and song copyright.

Head of Music / Commercial Music, Bath Spa University 2001-2008
Leadership of music teams teaching popular music, classical music, digital music. Curriculum development, team management, teaching.

Guitar player and college lecturer in the early 1990s; moved to Bath in 1994 to become Music Editor of Total Guitar magazine. Three years as Head of Music at City of Bath College.

Writing, composing and consultancy
Around 40 popular-music-related books in print (partial list on Amazon), plus over 300 articles and reviews for Total Guitar, Classic CD, Roland UK, Music Tech and Future Music. Currently writing for TIDAL. Music Editor of Total Guitar magazine (1994-98) and Associate Editor of Music Tech magazine during its 2003 launch. Academic/curriculum work includes Creativity in Popular Music Degrees and Popular Songwriting Curricula. Co-wrote and co-produced the album Crows, Rooks and Ravens with Scottish singer-songwriter Andi Neate. Currently co-writing with David Myhr. Recent composition work can be heard in the Rockschool syllabus (2012-2018).

Various interviews in mainstream media (New York Times, The Guardian, BBC news etc) regarding music theory and forensic musicology. Media page.

Qualifications and awards:

Awarded a National Teaching Fellowship in 2004 in recognition of teaching and scholarship of popular music; the award was used to fund an investigation into the teaching and learning of songwriting in Higher Education. Professorship awarded in 2014 by Bath Spa University. PhD research (University of Surrey) was entitled ‘Constraint, Creativity, Copyright and Collaboration in Popular Songwriting Teams’ and it provided the world’s first detailed systematic investigation into collaborative songwriters’ creative processes.

  • PhD – Constraint, Creativity, Copyright and Collaboration in Popular Songwriting Teams (University of Surrey, 2014)
  • BA (Hons) Music (University of Northumbria, 1991)
  • NTF (National Teaching Fellowship – Higher Education Academy, 2004)
  • FHEA (Higher Education Academy, 2004)

Membership of Professional Bodies/Subject Associations:

  • American Bar Association: Associate member (Forensic Musicologist)
  • American Musicological Society – register of forensic musicologists
  • Peer reviewer: OUP, Bloomsbury, Art of Record Production, IASPM (International Association for the Study of Popular Music)
  • National Association for Music Education (NafME) USA
  • Massachusetts Music Educations Association (MMEA) USA
  • Association of National Teaching Fellows (UK) – committee member 2005-2010
  • American Musicology Society (AMS) – New England chapter member 2015-present
  • QAA subject reviewer (Popular Music) – 2005-10
  • IASPM (International Association for the Study of Popular Music)
  • Registry of Guitar Tutors – examiner, 1992-2004
  • British Academy of Composers and Songwriters
  • Music Publisher’s Association: Register of Expert Witness Musicologists (2007-current)
  • Performing Right Society (PRS for music) – Writer member


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