AHRC Research Network on Performance in the Studio (PitS)

AHRC Research Network on Performance in the Studio (PitS)

  • ZAGORSKI-THOMAS, SIMON (London College of Music, UK)
  • BLIER-CARRUTHERS, AMY (Royal College of Music, UK)
  • WILLIAMS, ALAN (University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA)
  • HOWLETT, MIKE (Queensland University of Technology)

[abstract] This session would be a presentation of the results from the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council funded network that has been run in conjunction with the Association for the Study of the Art of Record Production. The session would include presentations from five of the researchers involved in the network plus the producer of the recording session that was studied, followed by a discussion of the way that this research contributes to performance and production pedagogy and practice and how the project will continue after the funding term is over.

The project involves the documentation (with video and audio of the event, participant interviews and the session files from the recording) of a recording session held in Dec 2012 and produced by Mike Howlett. The session involves a singer / songwriter, a rhythm section and a string quartet and the aim is to study the way the musicians work in the studio – as distinct from the way they work in rehearsal and in concert. The project involves three weekend colloquia and an online conference as well as the recording session itself whereby the network members and a group of invited guests examine and discuss the issues that arise from the session. The network members will study the session from a variety of perspectives: performance studies, ethnomusicology, phenomenology, communication studies, historiography, the analysis of micro-timing, Actor-Network Theory and Systems Theory among others. A further unique feature of the project is that the video and audio content will be made available via the Art of Record Production website to allow other researchers to build on the work started by the network members.

Dr. Amy Blier-Carruthers, Dr. Alan Williams and Dr. Simon Zagorski-Thomas will each give a presentation on their own particular analytical perspective on the project. Work by the other members of the network, Prof. Anne Danielsen (University of Oslo, Norway), Prof. Mine Dogantan-Dack (University of Middlesex, UK) and Prof. Morten Michelsen (University of Copenhagen, Denmark), will be available on the ARP website. Mike Howlett, the producer of the session, will also be present to discuss his reaction to the research outcomes and his experience of the process.

For more about the project, see this link.

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