Book launch: The Art of Record Production #arp13

The Art of Record Production – An Introductory Reader for a New Academic Field (Simon Frith and Simon Zagorski-Thomas, 2012)

Book launch session: The Art of Record Production by Simon Frith and Simon Zagorski-Thomas.

Simon (ZT) described how the book came about and its philosophical approach. Contributors are either academics or production practitioners, very much in line with ARP and JARP’s philosophies. I paste below (taken from the contents list on Ashgate’s website) a list of headings and chapters in the book;

  • 1 Introduction: Simon Frith And Simon Zagorski-Thomas
  • 2 The Lacquer Disc For Immediate Playback: Professional Recording And Home Recording From The 1920s To The 1950s : George Brock-Nannestad
  • 3 The Sounds Of Space: Studio As Instrument In The Era Of High Fidelity: Susan Schmidt Horning
  • 4 No-Fi: Crafting A Language Of Recorded Music In 1950s Pop: Albin Zak III
  • 5 The US Vs The UK Sound: Meaning In Music Production In The 1970s: Simon Zagorski-Thomas
  • 6 The End Of The World As We Know It: The Changing Role Of The Studio In The Age Of The Internet: Paul Théberge
  • Interlude 1: Comments And Commentaries By Industry Professionals And Producers 91
  • 7 Beyond A Musicology Of Production: Allan Moore
  • 8 ‘I’m Not Hearing What You’re Hearing’: The Conflict And Connection Of Headphone Mixes And Multiple Audioscapes: Alan Williams
  • 9 The Self-Effacing Producer: Absence Summons Presence: Michael Jarrett
  • 10 Rethinking Creativity: Record Production And The Systems Model: Phillip Mcintyre
  • 11 Considering Space In Recorded Music: William Moylan
  • Interlude 2: Comments And Commentaries By Industry Professionals And Producers
  • 12 Simulating The Ideal Performance: Suvi Raj Grubb And Classical Music Production: Andrew Blake
  • 13 The Place Of The Producer In The Discourse Of Rock: Simon Frith
  • 14 The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds And The Musicology Of Record Production: Jan Butler
  • 15 Tubby’s Dub Style: The Live Art Of Record Production: Sean Williams
  • 16 Recording The Revolution: 50 Years Of Music Studios In Revolutionary Cuba: Jan Fairley And Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier
  • Interlude 3: Comments And Commentaries By Industry Professionals And Producers

Questions lead into a discussion regarding the future of publishing and how we might deal with the challenges of academic publishers, online publishing, open access and funding.

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