Art of Record Production 2013 – Université Laval, Québec #arp13 live blogging

Pavilion Louis-Jacques-Casault, which houses the music department of Université Laval, Québec

I’m here in Québec City for the 8th Art of Record Production conference, where I’m presenting a paper about research methodologies for creativity studies in songwriting. The magnificent building in the picture is Pavilion Louis-Jacques-Casault, which is the location of Université Laval’s music department. The last time I attended ARP was in 2010 (when it was held at Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK – see blog entry).

There’s more information about the conference at the Art of Record Production website. ARP publishes Journal On The Art of Record Production (which published my recent article about songwriting in studio practice: download pdf).

As with the two most recent conferences – PopMAC 2013 and IASPM 2013 – I will write real-time summaries of the papers here on the blog whenever time (and connectivity) allows.

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