Thanks to Phil Race at Leeds Met for the following;

The message below was sent last week by a DVC to all teaching staff…

“Over the past few years we have seen a significant drop in the use of Overhead Projectors (OHPs) and many sit idly in teaching areas gathering dust. We propose to remove all OHPs from teaching areas between June and August 2012. Therefore, by September 2012 all OHPs will have been removed from teaching spaces.

We appreciate that there may be some staff who still utilise OHPs especially for historical materials or items which may no longer be physically available”.

[The message continued by pointing out help available for colleagues who wished to ‘digitize’ old materials].

Phil invited obituaries for the humble OHP. Here is mine;

Goodbye Over Head Projector

Oh! Heavy Projector
Outstanding High Praise Of History Proceeding
Once, Happily People Owned Hundreds
Particularly Often Helpful Pedagogically
Openly Highly Prized, Only Hardly Perceived
Old Hand-Me-Down, Promptly Outmoded Hardware
Presently Obsolete, Hidden, Pre-Internet, Ontologically Humiliated, Powerless.
Our History, Ponder…

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