It’s… the ukulele quiz

As you may have read previously, I occasionally put together the audio rounds for pub quizzes (see the Quiz metatag to look at previous quizzes).

And if anyone hasn’t yet filled in the 6-note-melody poll, please click here to submit your answer.

Here’s a brand new quiz. You’ll hear 10 excerpts from the ukulele part of a well-known hit (and in cases where there was no ukulele part, I’ve added one. Oh all right, I’ve added one to all of them. And some tambourine and other stuff). You have to identify the song and artist from the uke part alone. The tracks are at the correct key and tempo – I’ve played along to the original recording in each case.

20 marks available – one point each for song and artist. Examples, as always, are selected from the last five decades of popular music to avoid anyone having an age-related advantage. Post your answers here, or via Facebook/Twitter/YouTube etc.

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