Melody quiz

Dear reader,

I’d like your help to settle an argument. A songwriter I know has written a melody, but a friend of his says it sounds like something else. I don’t want to prejudice your views by saying any more for now – I just want your honest opinion as a randomly-self-selected blog visitor. The MP3 below (left-click to listen in browser, right-click to download) is an excerpt of his melody, and I want you to let me know if it sounds like an existing song.

So we’re going to try to settle the argument either way by asking you what you think of his melody (it’s only 6 notes long, and played on a keyboard over a click track). There’s a poll below, and there are two possible answers – either you think it sounds like something else (in which case type in the song or artist you think it sounds like in the ‘other’ box), or you don’t recognise it.

Melody excerpt (MP3)

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