30 November 2009

The sound of Burns filled the Parliament’s Garden Lobby as the ten finalists of the Burnsong song contest play a showcase concert hosted by the Presiding Officer, Alex Fergusson MSP.

Fiona J Mackenzie performs her song “Guthan Air A’ghaoith” (Voices On The Wind)
Fiona J Mackenzie, Gaelic singer-songwriter from Dingwall, one of the ten finalists in the Burnsong competition and week-long workshop said:

“I feel completely privileged being the first Gaelic speaking finalist in Burnsong. It’s given me a freedom to express myself in Gaelic as never before – my ambition at the start of this week was to write a Gaelic song that didn’t sound a Gaelic song. Most of all, this week has been an affirmation of being a Gaelic songwriter. It’s also been a fantastic privilege to perform at the Scottish Parliament, especially on St Andrew’s Day, and sing the first verse of a Man’s a Man in Gaelic.”

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