Burnsong 2009 setlist

BURNSONG set list 30-11-09

(1st set to be broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland 11pm)

The staging and skylights in the Garden Lobby area of the Parliament.

Scottish Parliament
1st set – 4.10pm-5pm


1.         Inveresk          4:01         Alex Hodgson

2.         Days Gone By          4:06         Marie Claire Lee

3.         Put Good Knickers On And Go Into Town         3:02         Roberto Cassani

4.         Tinto Hymn         3:27         Lisa Rigby

5.         The Poet         2:45         A. J. Roach

6.         Guthan Air A’ghaoith (Voices On The Wind)         3:30         Fiona J Mackenzie

7.         Spielberg Moon          4:37         Andy Tucker

8.         Thinking Hybrid Redirected         4:13         Emily Elbert

9.         Plate Smashing Song          2:39         Nuala Kennedy  & Ziggy Campbell

10.         All Is Not Lost         3:41         Yvonne Lyon

BURNSONG set list 30-11-09

Scottish Parliament

2nd set – 5.10pm-5.55pm

1.         Hang on in there Sunshine         3.02         Alex Hodgson

2.         Housework of the Heart         3.14         Andy Tucker

3.         Fill Asophocles          3.32         Nuala Kennedy and Ziggy Campbell

4.         I Don’t Want To Love         3.30         Marie-Claire Lee

5.         Mutton Dressed as Lamb         3.10         Roberto Cassani

6.         Only In Your Love I Am         3.45         Yvonne Lyon

7.         Thuirt Thu Riumsa         3.30         Fiona McKenzie

8.         Clockwork Music Box         3.20         AJ Roach

9.         Everything’s Changed         3.30         Emily Elbert

10.         Hey Honey I’m Home         3.30         Lisa Rigby

11.         A Man’s a Man for A’That         2.52         Robert Burns

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