Tasks 2009


The 'song factory'

It occurs to me that we haven’t blogged any information about the tasks. Here’s some background. There are basically five methods we use (at Burnsong and at the UK Songwriting Festival in Bath). They are, in no particular order;


  • Analysing your own songs.
  • Analysing ‘successful’ songs i.e. songs that have demonstrably moved an audience, shown through commercial success or longevity.
  • Peer review – trying songs out in front of other writers and getting comments
  • Practice i.e. lots of writing.
  • Tasks that are designed to break habits and increase a writer’s range.

This week’s tasks are;

1. Write a lyric in its entirety and pass it to someone else for setting to music.
2. Write a chorus-form song suitable for audiences to sing.
3. Write a song without using a musical instrument (or for writers who usually work this way, to use an unfamiliar instrument).
4. Write a song in AABA form.
5. Write a song about a place or inanimate object.

The MP3s will be coming thick and fast now. Chris and I will be meeting our session drummer Blair today, then rehearsing the Parliament set for the next 48 hours. Busy!

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