Can you fill me in?

For those following the studio blog, it will be back soon. There’s a community project coming up in mid-Sept relating to the Widcombe song, and Howard is soon going to be back to fit my wall plates in the next week or so (the only current sound leakage from the live room is from the cable hole in the wall!). For now, here are some more visual treats for phone box restoration fans!

Kerris fills the casting imperfections around the 'Telephone' sign frame area.
Kerris fills the casting imperfections around the 'Telephone' sign frame area.

Kerris (one of Carl’s phone box restoration team at Remember When UK) has been back filling all of the casting imperfections. She has also begun ‘prepping’ the roof for paintwork pre-installation (you may recall the roof is actually a replacement one – see previous post). Carl has now loaded the K6 back on to the GPO trailer (an authentic 1930s antique itself) getting it ready for welding. It’s easier welding a horizontal surface, he tells me.

I’m now getting to the stage when I need to decide what to do with this thing when it’s finished. People use them as garden ornaments, but I’m really really tempted to put a proper phone in it – just seems kinda the right thing to do. In an age of mobiles and Wi-Fi, having a landline in the garden seems wonderfully obtuse. But on the other hand I’m not sure I’d want people leaping my garden fence in the middle of the night to make phone calls – although a lock on the door also seems against the philosophy of the thing. Am I being paranoid? Has telecommunications become such a cheap commodity that phone phreaks no longer exist?

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