The Michael Jackson quiz – your turn!

Here it is at last – sorry for the delay, but I had to be sure the Hampsteaders had experienced the full pain of this quiz before putting it on general release. I should apologise in advance that a lot of the repertoire in this quiz bunches around the 1970s – I normally make a point of ensuring an even balance of popular music from 1950s-present. In this case, this is partly deliberate, because the demographic of this particular pub quiz is people in their 40s and 50s. And as everybody knows, all the best songs in the entire history of pop music were released in the year that you were 17.

Anyway, on to the quiz. This is another ‘high concept’ one, so it takes a bit of explaining; it’s an unusual quiz because you start with a list of all the answers!

Michael Jackson Tribute Quiz

Our covers set includes seven Michael Jackson songs, performed a few words at a time by various artists (using excerpts from original recordings by those artists). Name the (19) artists in our ‘tribute concert’.
Each song title is played three times, with a 5-second pause (approx) between each one, and a 10-second pause before the next example.
Song 1 – Billie – Jean (2 artists)
Song 2 – Rockin’ – Robin (2 artists)
Song 3 – Blame – it on – the – Boogie (4 artists)
Song 4 – Don’t – Stop – Till You – Get Enough (4 artists)
Song 5 – Man – In The – Mirror (3 artists)
Song 6 – Earth – Song (2 artists)
Song 7 – The Way – You Make Me Feel (2 artists)

Download the audio file – MJ Quiz questions.mp3 (10MB)

Post the answers on my Facebook page. And you should admit to the world how many listens it took you!

How well did you do?

  • 19/19 – you are clearly using audio analysis algorithms, or you work for Shazam.
  • 14-18/19 – excellent pop music knowledge. You must be a songwriter or a Commercial Music student – or both!
  • 9-13/19 – You’re in the great homogeny of averageness. But at least you listen to Radio 2.
  • 5-8/19 – Do you really care about popular song at all?
  • 0-4/19 – there’s a straightforward treatment available to you.

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