The Logical Song

Widcombe Rising

Right. Muso mates, I need your help. I need to do a recording of the Widcombe song, and I don’t play fiddle, accordion or (much) mandolin. Here’s what we’re going to do.

  1. I’ll demo the song with guide vocal & drums, plus acoustic guitar, (possibly) banjo and bass. It’ll be a Logic Pro file – around 50-100MB, best guess.
  2. You’ll download the file (and a .pdf of the sheet music) and use your own copy of Logic Pro to record your performance/s (I need at least fiddle, accordion and mandolin, plus many vocals on the chorus).
  3. Send me back your own .zipped version of the Logic file (via YouSendIt or similar) with all the audio files included.
  4. I’ll drop your part into the full arrangement.

Performance brief as follows –

  • we all need to sound like a Morris band – so fiddle or accordion (or both) can take the melody
  • keep it folky, light, bouncy and authentic
  • you don’t have to play all the time – parts can drop in and out
  • there are some obvious harmonies in the chorus – please do go for it
  • vocalists – no American accents please!
  • Shakey bells – well, if you must

Your payment will be a performance credit, a hyperlink from this blog, and a beer next time I see you. In the event that you’re not in the Bath area, you may have to get drunk on my undying gratitude instead.

Contact me via Facebook or whatever if you’re up for it. The Logic file download link will be available in a couple of days. Now download the sheet music so you can start practising.

Widcombe Rising pdf download.


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