Oh, we’re halfway there

Front view with raised roof

The project is now half complete, and the guys are taking a well-deserved break for a couple of weeks. The entire structure is now in place, as is the isolation on five sides; when they resume (probably towards the end of May) they’ll add the rockwool/cloth interior damping, fit electrics and aircon, build the exterior wall (behind the garage doors in the photo) and start building the studio furniture. You can see now how much the roof’s been raised; this temporary polythene seal will be eventually replaced by one-way translucent glass, letting natural light into both rooms.

Very pleased with it all so far – Jeff and Artis have done an amazing job, working 14 days without a break, and I’ve been really delighted with their professionalism, skill and hard work. Plus, of course (and this is the most important thing in this or any industry) they’re such all-round nice blokes.

Hopefully I’ll have some more posts about the project before the month is out. There’s just time to sign off with the Star Wars joke I can only ever do once a year – “May the 4th be with you!”.

Control room ceiling and window frame
Lobby and live room
Shelf for aircon unit
14 days' solid work - finally a tea break!

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