Back on the Chain Gang

I don’t know about you, dear (RSS) reader, but I reckon an 8-hour working day seems about right for us humans. For me that’s a comfortable 3-way split – 8 hours working, 8 hours sleeping, and the remaining 8 chastising children, fiddling with iPhone apps and practising the banjo. Jeff and Artis have a different kind of work plan. They’ve decided to do all their banjo practice (or equivalent) when they get home (Norfolk and Latvia respectively). This makes for long days on the project, but does mean that they get to see their families sooner (and I start recording sooner! :-)). They wake up before everyone else (they’re staying in our spare room), hit Travis Perkins and greasy-spoon breakfast cafés before 8am, then start clinking/sawing/hammering straight away. They clock off around 7pm, shower and then go foraging into Bath. Bed by 9pm. Repeat 7 days a week. Rumours of builders’ legendary tea breaks have been greatly exaggerated.

See it from my angle

We found a bit more dry rot on the old garage facia, so that’s been fixed this morning (see stepladder picture above), and the guys are back onto the interior. The picture below shows the lengthwise struts that will form the back of the control room (the bit over the leopardskin or zebra-stripe sofa). This ceiling is in three sections – the baffle at the back (20-odd degree angle), the middle section (level) and the back lengthwise-timbered section (part-constructed, at the top of the picture – a 2 degree angle). Mad angles are the answer – not a standing wave or resonant cavity in sight.

Are you with me sofa?

If you’ve loyally followed this blog since the start of the garage project, here’s your chance to get involved. It is one of Howard‘s unwritten rules that all studios must have a ‘classy’ sofa. So I’m going to get one. And you’re going to decide which one. Take the poll – and I promise I’ll go with whatever decision the readers of this blog actually make. Vote now!


    1. Gorgeous! Now I’m REALLY inspired. I suspect the voters will push me in a pink and furry direction…

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