Standing in the way of control

The inner shells are in – this is the actual shape of the studio interior. You can now see the ‘V’ shape that forms the centre point between the midfield monitors. Above is the wooden frame for the panel that will contain some of the lights.
In the other picture you can see the lateral ceiling struts. These will have soft Rockwool between them then finishes with acoustic fabric (hessian). We’re on a tight budget so I will have to choose whatever fabric colour Jeff has left over from other jobs. Unlikely to be pink 😦

Talking of recycling, we had a catflap fitted this week in the kitchen. It needed a custom glass panel for the door, so the glazing guy took out the old double glazed door panel, which is about 60cm x 80cm. I was going to get rid of this, but thought I’d offer it to Jeff. Sure enough, he said “that’s perfect for your live room window, that is…”. I asked him “how big was the window going to be?”. He looked at the window panel and said “errr… that big”. Great music is all about improvisation, I guess.

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