You’ve been framed

All the isolation (on three sides, and floor/ceiling) is now complete, with the final layer of SterlingOSB providing (another) different density in the ceiling, which now consists of so much plasterboard, OSB, rockwool and timber that the ceiling is now almost as low as it was before the roof was raised.

This is where, according to Jeff, the ‘studio building begins’. Artis and Jeff have made the frames that will form the interior shell of the live room. Their construction methods and measurements are a trade secret, and I’m under strict instructions not to blog them – you can contact Howard if you want to discuss commissioning a design. I can tell you it’s a particular combination of rockwool, timber and plasterboard of various specified grades, thicknesses and measurements, with particular bracings. What you end up with is a dense/heavy stud wall, onto which, eventually, will go another timber frame, which will be filled with rockwool of a different grade then covered with fabric. There will be bass traps in the control room, but the dimensions of the live room may make this unnecessary – Howard plans to run spectrum analysis on it before we make this decision.

I’ve said too much. If you print this out, you must eat the paper. Don’t let it fall into enemy hands. In fact, I suspect they will be coming to get me right n

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