Walls and bridges

wall-and-ceiling2The roof-raising is now finished – concrete blocks all the way around. The modern blocks we’re using are a lot slimmer than the original (1970s?) ones, and this works in our favour. You can see in the photo how the thin line of blocks at the top is set back from the interior wall, giving us a ‘shelf’ at the top of the lower blocks. This is where Jeff’s going to run the pipes for the (silent) air circulation system.

wall-and-ceiling1Meanwhile, the old dividing wall has gone, and the new one is complete. We’re keeping this little ‘stub’ of the old wall as extra support (the rear wall is soil-retaining on the other side) – the stub is going to be hidden by a bass trap in the control room. So the ‘stub’ in the photo is roughly where the left-side monitor speaker will be, in front of the corner bass trap. The music keyboard will go under the window, on the left of the picture, giving line-of-sight communication between keyboard player and vocalist (or drummer). I find this kind of sight/talkback/keyboard communication is really handy when doing a lot of backing vocals (50% of the job is teaching the singer the part IME).

Jeff and Artis are leveling the concrete floors today, but he won’t let me show you a photo until these are complete. Artists, eh?!!

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